Comprehensive maintenance of pools and gardens

Pamares Group has a team of experts Maintenance of pools and gardens,,es,as well as common spaces,,es,Maintenance of pools and gardens,,es, así como de espacios comunes for performing specific tasks and common.

Maintenance Pools,es

  • Obtaining permits and health books health control pursuant BOCM.
  • Lifeguards, certificated staff by Spanish Red Cross.
  • Water treatment, and sewage pump.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of filters.
  • Supplies life, cleaner equipment and tarps, inter alia.

Maintenance of gardens

Maintenance gardens and green spaces, lawn, plants, trees and both exterior and interior planters.

  • Landscape design.
  • Repairs and tune automatic irrigation.
  • Scraps and pruning, pest, scarification of turf.
  • Supply and planting of seasonal or perennial plants and trees.
  • Supplies of chemical and organic fertilizers.
  • Supply garden items and playgrounds (banks, Bins, umbrellas, swings and slides).

Complementarily, our company provides maintenance of facilities in Las Rozas and other locations Madrid.

For more information, you can do so via the form of contact or by calling 916 372 542.