Pamares Group – Comprehensive Services

Pamares Group, leader in comprehensive, It specializes in building maintenance work and comprehensive cleanings in Las Rozas and other locations Madrid.

Servicios del Grupo Pamares

Above 30 Years of experience market guarantee our prestige. Our service includes comprehensive maintenance, inter alia:

  • Cleaning in large and small surfaces.
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Glazed marble floors, granite and terrazzo.
  • Cleaning and treatment of soil polyethylene.
  • Cleaning and treatment of wood and parquet floors.
  • Cleaning treatment and clay-tile floors,,es,comprehensive services - Pamares Group service,,es, etc..

In this broad sector, Pamares Group faithfully fulfills a key objective: the full satisfaction of our customers.

For this, we rely on the professionalism and good service provided by our professional, as well as the selection of top brands and products in machinery and a continued interest in the technological advances that we include in our teams.

Pamares Group complies with the established in the collective agreement in the sector and has been awarded the medal to the prestige and quality for his career.

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For more detailed information about our company and comprehensive we offer, we invite you to get in contact Us. We will respond as soon as possible and will provide personalized advice.

  • Directorate General
  • Advisory team to meet customer needs
  • HRM
  • Accounting
  • Quality Management
  • Labour Management
  • Customer
  • Business Address
  • Computer technicians and administration

  • General Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Specialists
  • Personnel on staff
  • Personal emergency retainer

Pamares Group leading brands and offers excellent products for maximum satisfaction our customers.

  • Trucks and vans
  • Automatic scrubber for large areas and Nilfisk Astral
  • Nilfisk Polishing and Maran
  • Polishing of stairs Nilfisk
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners Nilfisk water and dust
  • Industrial sweepers Fiorentino
  • Krüger laser pressure groups

We employ our services a wide range of products according to the type of surface and the particular needs. Call us and ask for information without obligation.

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